Battery Cables

SAVE When you buy special made battery cables. We can build battery cables, to your specifications: fast…and at attractive prices!
• Select style number
• Follow with total cable length in inches center to center (Dimension “A”)
• The next number will be the gauge of wire desired: 6 -4 – 2 – 1/0 – 2/0 – 3/0 – 4/0
• Follow with the lugs hole size: Use 1 for 1/2: lug hold — 2 for 3/8″ lug hole
• On Style No.14-21, one additional number should be added to show the length between the middle terminal and the terminal or lug to the right as on the illustration. (Dimension”B”)

Rhino Battery Cables: The all copper battery cables. Work harder and deliver more cranking POWER!.

Economy Battery Cables: Feature full SAE copper battery cable with PVC insulation that meets or exceeds all SAE specifications.

Battery Cable Kits: Crimpers and cutters are sold separately, they are not included in the kit. All kits supplied with crimp on battery terminals.