Loom, Clamps & Grommets

Ultra Flex Convoluted Loom: Holds groups of wires together, enhances the appearance of your product and protects against abrasion.

Convoluted Loom Fittings: Loom Tees are used for take outs on wire harnesses enclosed in convoluted loom.

Chrome Plated Convoluted Loom: Provides thermal protection for components in radian heat environments.

Roundit 2000: Super quality, easy, attractive binding, tougher & more flexible than convoluted or fabric loom.

Spiral Cut Tubing: Forms a flexible protective sheath to bundle harness, protect and insulate wires, cables, tubing hose and control rods.

Grommets Snap Bushings: Nylon snap bushings convert raw-edged holes in metal to smooth, neat, insulated ones. Spectero Flex: Expandable Sleeving – commonly used in electronics and industrial applications when economy and durability are desired.