Heatshrink Tubing


Heat Shrinkable Tubing SXL-Polyolefin: Is everything you want in a single wall insulation.


Heat Shrinkable Tubing Adhesive Lined-Standard Wall-Cross Link Polyolefin: Dual wall adhesive lined Spectro-Tube is a “thick but flexible” heat shrinkable tubing, manufactured with dual wall construction.


Mega Wall Adhesive Lined Polyolefin: Ideal for insulating battery cable terminals. This extra heavy wall, heat shrinkable tubing has a generous amount of meltable inner liner, that melts when heat is applied to shrink tubing.


Display Cards: Plastic bags of polyolefin heat shrink tubing are packaged on a display car to invite impulse buying.


Flameless Heat Gun: Heavy Duty industrial quality. This gun will get the job done quick and easy with high air velocity, high air volume, and high temperatures.