Wiring Devices

Clearance & Marker Lighting: Polycarbonate lens and housing are sonically sealed, 12 volt lamps are designed at 14 volts, .33 amp bulb rated at 2.0 candle power.

Mounting accessories: Vinyl grommet flush mounts sealed lamps. Wide groove grommets are used to mount lamps in panel thickness up to .250″.

Weather-Pak Connectors: Packard Weather-Pak sealed connectors are designed to withstand exposure to moisture, chemicals, dirt, dust, salt spray, abrasion and extreme temperatures (-40 deg. C. to +125 deg. C.).

Fuse Holders: Heavy duty brake light fuse holders. High temperature fuse holder is made of high impact black phenolic resin suitable for continuous operating temperature of 125 deg. C to 257 deg. F.

Fuse Panels: For 1/4″ X 1 1/4″ glass tube fuse. Break-away design enables sub-dividing with simple finger pressure.

Circuit Breakers: Automatic Reset. Spectro circuit breakers are a positive solution to circuit protection. Using automatic reset circuit breakers, troublesome fuse replacement is eliminated adn they offer a permanent solution to low voltage DC circuit protection.

Molded Circuit Connectors: Manufactured with 16 gauge wire color coded to SAE specifications.

Harness Sets: Built to your specifications. New and improved truck light harnesses.

Trailer Connectors: 4 Contact Chrome, 7 contact truck trailer connector.

Curly Cords: Spectro curly cords are the very best! The best material rebound memory, flexibility, abrasion resistance, anti-sag features, and best value.